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What kit do you have?

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What kit do you have?

After years of baking bread and 2 years of baking sourdough I have finally decided to get a probe thermometer that goes in the oven as the bread bakes: I was fed up of pulling out gummy loaves!

So my kit now consists of:

- a good quality rubber spatula

- my Kenwood chef

- a makeshift 60watt lightbulb powered proofing box

- probe thermometer

- a clay baking pot (originally a chicken baker)

- a pizza stone

- a linen lined proofing basket

- a non-lined proofing basket

- my grain mill 

- electronic 1g sensitive scales

- Kilner jars for starters

- 1 rye starter

- 1 wheat starter

- dough scraper 


What's in your stash?