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San Francisco Bay Area Loafers meet?

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San Francisco Bay Area Loafers meet?

Susan (susanfnp) and myself briefly discussed it and both would like to see a meeting happen of TFL members in and around the San Francisco bay area. This would be a meeting similar in spirit and execution to the meeting of the "Oregon chapter". Susan lives in Sunnyvale, and I live in Mountain View, so initially I would propose the meeting to occur in a park somewhere around there. We'd all meet up mid/late morning, bring our breads (to be sampled and eaten) and starters (not mandatory, but for sharing), discover the face and person behind the login name, etc.


This message is really to see what other Fresh Loafers live around and would be interested. Based on the interest we'll see if another location is warranted. I'd be nice to have this meeting in early October, as the weather should still be quite nice for an "in the park" meeting. So, respond to this thread if you are interested, and possibly available. Let us know!

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I'm interested and in San Francisco.

Marco Flavio Marinucci
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I'm hoping for a weekend other than Oct 13-14.


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Larry Clark


I don't care which weenend. Sometime before Thanksgiving woud be nice, though.



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I can definitely highlight this on the front page for a couple of weeks if you agree on a date/time/location.

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Thanks Floyd. I am giving it a little time to collect responses before we decide on a venue. The size of the crowd may dictate what size space we need to reserve in one of the parks around here. Will let you know.


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New to this forum, but would be interested!

 I live in the east bay and have lately been obsessed with sourdough bread baking. Would be fun to meet other bakers, cooks in the area



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I'm in Sacramento, but would make the drive out if possible. This month is a bit packed for us, but I'd love to talk bread in person. My wife would love to sample.

 As far as a location goes, East Bay or Hayward-ish is best for me. South Bay gets to be a bit of a haul.