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Support this site and do yourself a favor by getting Firefox

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Support this site and do yourself a favor by getting Firefox

Google has a program right now where, for each person a site owner convinces to download Firefox, they'll pay the site owner a buck. All you have to do is click on the button below to go to the download site, get Firefox, and support this site.

For all intents and purposes, Firefox is my operating system. I work on Windows, Macs, and Linux using different editors and programming languages. The one tool I cannot live without on any of them is Firefox, easily the best browser on the planet right now (other Firefox users: comment and back me up on this!).

I've been advocating for Firefox for a long time, to techies and non-techies alike. Both of my parents use Firefox now, as does my neighbor. They are all glad they made the switch. The ad blocking feature alone makes it worthwhile, and once you've gotten used to tabbed browsing (a feature that Microsoft is "borrowing" for the next version of Internet Explorer) you'll never go back.

I kid you not, here is my office at work:

get firefox!

If you think I'm saying all this just to earn a buck, click here to go to main Firefox site. I won't make a dime via this link. If you click on the paying link though I'll use the money to continue promoting the site so we'll have more people participating in the discussions, something that I believe makes the site more enjoyable for everyone.

The only difference between the two versions of Firefox linked to by the two links above is that the second version doesn't include the Google toolbar. I haven't tried the Google toolbar recently, so I don't know what all it can do. Worst case, if it is annoying and takes up too much space, you can disable it. If you use Google often and/or have a gmail account, I suspect the Google toolbar is actually pretty useful. I've run it in Internet Explorer for years and liked it.

If you are going to do Google adwords, here is a way to do it.

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Just got The Fresh Loaf search plugin. Now I can search this site first instead of wandering around til I come back here anyway.

There are so many benefits switching to Firefox. Its much faster and the security is much better.

Updating Firefox is a snap. Just click the icon up at the upper right hand corner. It will start the update immediately and install quickly.

A huge assortment of free tools can be found for Firefox besides plugins for your favorite websites.

Two of my favorites are Sage and Scrapbook. Sage is a RSS News program. When you install Sage can go to The Fresh Loaf RSS feed that you see on the lower left hand of this page to get all kinds of great bread and food info that Floyd adds from around the web. You also can search any page you are on to see if they have RSS and add it to your collection.

Scrapbook lets me copy whole pages at a time with the click of a button to keep on my computer. No more making a thousand bookmarks to get back to that recipe I want to make. Now that page is mine to use when I need it. It has a neat highlight marker as well.

There are lots of other free helps at Firefox as well for you to discover.

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I already use Firefox on my Mac, it's great. I support anything that will pull the rug out from under the Microsoft monopoly.

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have been using firefox for nearly a year now - much faster and more relaibel than anything Microsoft. I'm with Winsey!

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Ben using firefox since version 0.6 and never looked back