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David's SJSD

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David's SJSD

My whole family have voted David's SJ sourdough as the best bread ever! I am so happy I have found my "go to bread recipe". Beautiful flavour, crumb and crust! I followed David's recipe (HERE) the only deviations were,  I use my starter cold from the fridge and I bake my bread in a wet clay Romertopf with a cold oven start. David's recipe and descriptions are fantastic and the dough is a pleasure to work with :-) I have made four loaves in the last few days.


Dough directly after being mixed and then after  S&F's 




Dough, preshaping and then proofing in my warming drawer at 27C





HOT crumb shot because my son had too have a slice :-(


Once it cooled I had to have a taste and my dog photobombed my photo! Somehow I think he wanted the Salami and not the Bread lol. The bread looks doughy in this photo but it's just the shadow.




Cheers Sonia



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I make these breads as well. And wow, that last picture is incredible. SO tempting and that sweet face of your pug, just precious!

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It's a great recipe! Hehe like all pugs he LOVES food lol

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I too use David's recipe and it's convenient as well with the overnight bulk retardation.  I've also been making wonderful sourdough croutons for salads with left over bread or loaves that don't open up properly (still working on scoring!).  Cut the bread up into crouton size chunks.  In a large skillet saute the bread chunks with garlic, oregano, and either butter or olive oil (or a mix of the two which is what I'm doing these days) for about four minutes or so.  Put the croutons on a baking tray and toast under the broiler until nice and dark brown.  I have an electric convection oven so I set it on convection broil (450F) and use the shelf second from the top.  Because the croutons are made from sourdough they have very good keeping quality and are tasty!

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Yep the overnight bulk retardation makes it so handy! Thanks so much for the tip on the croutons, I love salads so I will give it a go :-)

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and your version does it great justice.  Well done and happy baking 

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Thanks Dabrownman

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The bread really does look wonderful, Sonia! Hmmm ... I think I'll have to wake up my starter and make some for myself!


P.S. One of my dozen favorite ways of using SJSD is for a sandwich of Toscano salami and Caciocavallo cheese. Another is for French Toast (Pain Perdu). Another is, as AlanG suggested, croutons, except I make them by crushing garlic into olive oil in a medium bowl. I toss the croutons in this and then bake them on a jelly roll pan at 375 for about 25 minutes or until browned, dry and crisp, tossing them once or twice during baking to brown evenly. And did I mention garlic bread? Or garlic toast for onion soup au gratin?

 I better stop now.


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This is just pure evil David!  Even at 8:30 AM!

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They all sound wonderful and OMG that soup looks amazing!!! Thanks again for the recipe :-)

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Those are some beautiful loaves of bread! The crumb looks especially yummy.

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Thanks Kathy, my family have been loving this bread!