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Hello from an amateur baker

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Hello from an amateur baker

Hi everyone. Iam so glad that i stumbled upon this great website. My name is Francis and i'm 20 years old. All my life i loved sweets and pastries. And after watching Yakitate Japan an anime about bread making i decided to try something new and fun. I like cooking and baking it's just i'm not that great. But hopefully with enough practice and help from everyone here, I should be able to make some that I will be proud of. Thanks!

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Welcome, Francis.  This is indeed a great place to learn how to bake bread!

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Welcome to the friendliest place on the Web, Francis. You will find many wonderful, accomplished bakers here who will generously share their knowledge with you progress in your baking skills. Never be afraid to ask a question, no matter how basic it may seem. Everyone has been through the same learning curve, and here everyone is happy to help beginners get better. Enjoy!



"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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Great Francis, some young blood here! Glad to see you here. I think most of us got started here by searching for a way to improve something we like. At least that's what happened with me. I suggest looking at the lessons and trying one that looks interesting. The whole thing with baking is learning to know what the dough is doing in various states so when you read the "Gluten should be developed", you know what that feels like. Just play with it and experiment. Baking is cheap and even if you screw up somewhere it will still bake up better than the bubble bread at the super.

So welcome, and let us know how it's going. You're among friends here.


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Thanks everyone for your kind words. I have a long weekend in front of me and I don't really have much to do. Is there any great recipes I can try out this weekend for fun? Something simple and easy to make.

I was thinking of the cookie dough from the melon bread recipe all on its own.

When I tried making the melon bread for the first time, everyone really liked it. It was a bit firmer than I had suspected, but i'll give it another shot. =)

Any idea will be great. Thanks again everyone!

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Most of the recipes posted here are for breads rather than sweets, but why not a sweet bread? The cinnamon bread recipe posted by Floyd is quite good. It is easy to make, but read the recipe through twice before starting because there are a few "four hours before this step..." points that you need to know about in advance.


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Welcome Francis!   Try the 10 minute Banana Bread link on the home page.  It is great.

 SD Baker