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Sourdough Rye With Caraway Seeds-Daniel Leader

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Sourdough Rye With Caraway Seeds-Daniel Leader

Well, I am pretty sure you guys all made this one before.

I just ate a slice and have been blown away by the taste.

I needed to post this pic, it is the first bread I made from

the 'Bread Alone' book and it won't be the last.


Floydm's picture

I've been baking the sourdough caraway rye from Leader's latest book and been very pleased with it.

Man, that is amazing crumb for a rye bread though. Well done.

Bart's picture

That book is on my wish list... but there seem to be a ton of good books out there, it is hard to pick one.

The result is great! The crust is not too thick, the crumb is great and the taste is awesome! This might be one of the best loaves I ever made!

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Bart, that is outstanding looking bread.  I am putting this on my "must try" list now.  I have yet to make rye and really want to make a loaf. Thanks for posting about it.

susanfnp's picture

That bread does look amazing. Great photo and I wish I could taste the bread!


Bart's picture

Thank you all for the feedback!


slidething's picture


  Well Done ~ Now as to Your Book Wish List - The Mrs. came up with a good idea -    Ya see I have this little problem - I see and I want LOL - majorly so with guitars and bread books - what I do is write down the books I want and  place it in a bowl and every pay day I.m allowed to pick one - and as for the guitars ~~ Well she put her foot down on that - Say`s 7 is ENOUGH !!  


Bart's picture

Well, Slide_Out, I totally understand what you mean when you say :"I see and I want!" LOL

My birthday is coming up early November and I already told my spouse that I want a book as a b-day gift. It is going to be difficult to choose which one...