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Bookshop NY city

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Bookshop NY city

Soon I will be in New York city. There is still a book on my list that I really want, but that I cannot get so easy in the Netherland (or I have to pay alot). Is there anyone that knows a good bookstore in New York city where I have a good chance of getting it? Or maybe I can ask them to order it so I can pick it up.

The book is artisan baking across America.



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What you can do is find a Barnes & Nobles or Borders (major bookstores) located not far from your hotel. Call one of them about a week before your trip and have them either hold it for you (if they have it in the store) or have them order it for you. It takes less than a week for an ordered book to arrive in a store, and they usually hold it for you behind the registers for 2 weeks.

I hope this helps...



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None better than Kitchen Arts and Letters.   Worth a visit just to browse.


(212) 876-5550

(212) 876-3584

1435 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10128

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Yes!!  That store is worth a visit- it is the best cookbook store I have ever been to.  So anyone going to NYC should make a stop there even if you don't have a particular book in mind.

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Thanks alot guys. I am sure this is gonna help me.