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Hi everyone!  I just discovered this site a couple of weeks ago.  There's so much information here, it's a bit overwhelming....but in a good way!

I live in Hawaii.  (Any there other Hawaii people here on the board?  Howzit!)  I'm a beginner beginner when it comes to bread.  I just recently baked my first edible sourdough bread with my own starter!  This is the third time I've tried making a starter.  The first time, I used bleached flour and tap water.  My husband was not happy with me for stinking up the kitchen!  My second attempt, I used unbleached flour and bottled water.  I got it going until I decided (on the fourth day) to put it in a warm oven to hurry it along.  Found out that 200 degrees will kill my little pets.  And so here I am with my third attempt.  I'm thinking of naming her "Farina Breena" or "Farina Kai" which means flour water.  Hehe.

I'm even thinking of building a brick oven!  My husband seems to be okay with that idea.  I suppose he's thinking about all the pizza he can get out of it.  It should be a fun project to do together.

I look forward to joining in discussions.  Though I'll probably be asking questions only since I don't have any answers yet. 

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf and thanks for introducing yourself. Congratulations on your starter and bread! We'll be looking forward to hearing about more of your baking adventures. If you have a digital camera, we love photos.


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E komo mai batako!

Where in HI do you live? I'm in Kona on the Big Island :)


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Dear Batako,

I bake (and post here) only sporadically, but I live Makiki and I have a thriving sourdough culture. However, I started it the easy way: I bought a packet of dried starter from a kitchen store.

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Hello Batako and welcome to the community. There are some very good bakers here and many like me in the learning process who are willing to help you along learning to make great bread.

May I suggest that you start by looking at the Lessons on the front page. The site owner is also an excellent baker and has put together some good step by step lessons that will get you started and in no time you will be making very good breads for your family. I might also suggest that you start by using the yeast recipes so you can learn to understand the variables in this process. In the beginning yeast is more predictable in timing.

So, dive in and let us know how it's going.


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Welcome to the friendly confines of TFL, Batako. You will, as previous posters noted, meet the loveliest people here -- as well as some mad smart bakers who will teach you all kinds of cool stuff.

Myself, I'm a Midwesterner by birth, but Hawaiian by desire. The first time I visited I literally felt half-drunk all the time from the sheer beauty of the place. And the air. And the light. And the flowers. You know what I'm talking about. Like being kissed all day long. Sigh.


"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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Thanks for the welcome everyone! 

susanfnp, I'm still making my way through your blog.  Beautiful bread and awesome photography!  I have a digital camera.  I still need to figure out how to post pics here.

xabanga, I'm in Hilo!  And Felila, I'll be on O'ahu this weekend for The Lion King!  I can't wait.  I saw the show in NYC 9 years ago.  Such an incredible show.

Eric, thanks for the suggestions.  I always feel like a mad scientist when it comes to baking bread.  My plan is to pick up a kitchen scale this weekend.  I'm beginning to realize how much I need it.

Cooky, I love your siggy!  I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Hawaii.  Hope you can make it out here again.  Did you visit the big island?

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...some fishy bread, with a little dried humuhumunukunukuapuaa? 

(It's the only Hawaiian word I can ever remember other than aloha, hula and Don Ho.) 

Welcome to TFL.  May your starter erupt like Kilauea


Prandium longa. Vita brevis.