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New to The Fresh Loaf

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New to The Fresh Loaf

Hi everyone!!!  I'm new to The Fresh Loaf, but not to bread baking.  I have been making bread for 35 years.   My grandmother made bread of some kind every day and that is what  I smelled when I walked in the door at her house.  I decided when I was little that my house would smell like homemade bread when my kids walked in from school and it nearly always did.  Now that they are all grown, I don't make as much as I did, but I LOVE homemade bread and still make it fairly frequently.  I am excited about this forum and have enjoyed what I have seen so far. 

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Hi ilovetodig and welcome to The Fresh Loaf - where you will meet the nicest people who will happily answer any questions you might come up with. Also lots of gardeners which your name suggests you might be? I come from a long line of English gardeners but have lived in America for forty years, and now I only have a tiny plot. Let us know where you are and what types of bread you bake, A

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Yes I do love to garden and I like to bake any kind of bread.  If it has yeast and flour in it, I love it.   We live in the country and have 2 small vegetable gardens here at the house and 2 large ones at our place farther in the country and a large one at our church.  This year, however, due to having so much rain, most of our gardens didn't do well at all.  The only thing that did were our potatoes, corn, peas and watermelons.  I also planted a few gourds and they have done great.  I wish I had planted many more.     I have been trying to find a recipe for a white bread, possibly to make bruschetta that is "holey".  I have seen some commercial loaves like that, but would like to make some myself.  The crust is crisp, but the crumb is "weblike" for want of a better word.  If any one has a recipe like this, I would love to try it. 

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Take a look at Jasons Cocodrillo on this site, I really want to try this and hopefully have it come out as airy and open as his. To me it would be perfect for brischetta or panini. Maybe tomorrow I will finally give it a try, I know if it doesn't come out like his I will be heartbroken tho. Good luck and enjoy the site, I think it's the best bread site on the net thanks to Flloyd and the contributors.

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Be very wary: this site is addictive. Since joining, I have been consumed by doughy delight.  And it has been consumed by me.

Prandium longa. Vita brevis.