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What do I bake Rye bread in? New

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What do I bake Rye bread in? New

Ok, I am new to baking bread and I know this is probably a stupid question, but what do I bake Rye Bread in?  My recipe says a baking sheet, now to me that is a cookie sheet.  Do I use the normal bread pans, round pan or the cookie sheet?  Is a baking sheet the same is a cookie sheet?

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It depends on what type of rye bread you are making. I have found that hearth bread with up to 20% rye and the balance wheat (whole or white) can be shaped, proofed, and baked directly on the stone as if it were any other hearth bread (I use a loaf shape).

Beyond 20% rye, the loaf will need some support. Chicago Metallic makes a rye loaf support/baking pan similar to their baguette pan. Then you move on to loaf pans for deli and sandwich-style ryes, and finally pullman pans for German 80-100% pumpernickels.



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hedera helix

I have a recipe for German Sourdough Rye which I have made a couple of times now, a very good loaf, which has 350g Rye (75g in the starter) and only 300g of wheat flour (50/50 white and wholemeal)

It is not done in a tin. It proves in a bowl lined with a floured cloth, then inverted onto a baking sheet and shoved in an oven at 200C/400F for 35-40 mins, it holds it's shape fine.


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I think you can consider them the same thing...probably depends on what your mom called it and/or where you grew up...lolol!

 Good Baking!


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So, I can just form the dough and baking on the baking sheet and not in a pan?