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Rye bread

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Rye bread

Rye bread



This is the Rye bread I made this weekend. Wanted to share this.

Feedback welcome.


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Great crumb for a rye bread. I'm impressed.

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This is the recipe :


350 gram white flour

75 gram rye flour

75 gram rye whole wheat (Might not be translated correctly)

290 gram water

12 gram yeast

8 gram salt

10 gram fat (I used olive oil)



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Great stuff Bart a most impressive result.I wish I could get as good a crust and crumb.Keep it up.

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Bart I forgot to ask about method?did you start with a preferment?

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I let the dough rise twice (after 20 minutes.) Then knock down and fold letter shape.

20 minutes rest again and do exactly the same.

After that shape and proof for 60 minutes in a proof basket.

Reason why I got the good result might be the fact that I did not use

yeast, I did use commercial organic sour dough powder : this :

I am thinking about not using commercial yeast anymore, but get some

more of this organic levure.

I've made several other breads with similar result.

I do think my crust is a bit too thick, had to adjust baking time.

I make 99% of my breads in a cast iron pot, so this time I used

the baking stone, need to learn to bake on it...


Bio Levure

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This is indeed a nice looking rye. I've been experimenting with rye lately as well, but nothing as lovely as yours. Good job!

Question -- what type of rye flour did you use? I've been reading Laurel's Bread Book, and it says there really aren't any "real" commercial ryes available in the US. I assume you live a country other than the US?

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I used this one, just plain from the store :

Rye flour


Sorry, pic not too sharp, used a cheap camera for this quick pic.

Yeah, I live in Belgium, I did get some at a store specialized in

bakery products though. When I use it, will post pics.


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It is a lovely looking bread.  I've been hungry for rye all week.

chiaoapple - Bob's Red Mill sells a whole grain rye.  I'm not sure if this is what Laurel meant.  Since her book was written 20 years ago, things may have changed.  (My own copy is the more recent printing, but I'm not sure how much was updated.)