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Is there any alcohol left in bread

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hedera helix

Is there any alcohol left in bread

I have just done a German sourdough rye loaf, which I did another one of a week or so before. Due to various factors conspiring against me, the latest one was allowed to do it's thing for a little over 3 days, whereas the previous one had been going for only two days.

I think the taste is much better for it, but my girlfriend says that she thinks the first one was better as the latest one 'Tastes like it's got too much alcohol in it'.

I can't imagine that any alcohol from the fermentation would still be there after baking, and said so, but I'm just assuming. I am right, aren't I?

Is it just the flavour of the extra souring from the extra day that she is picking up? Is there some other factor that makes it taste of alcohol?

I'm still quite a novice at sourdough (done from scratch, not with my own starter) so not sure what issues might be in play here.

Personally though, I don't think it tastes of alcohol, and I want some extra munitions in my arsenal for this domestic debate.

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Mini Oven

right. Even if most of the alcohol leaves in the baking, a light taste can remain, remnants from yeast fermentation. Change the subject or serve next time with wine. --Mini Oven

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Kind of getting off track, but anybody remember a "christian" cooking show from years ago? I never had cable but it would be way over on the UHF channels late at night. Anyway it had three sisters who would cook fairly healthy food. I remember clearly they baked bread once and said not to eat it until the next day because it would contain alcohol after baking--I'm assuming they were non-drinkers. They suggested reheating it in the microwave!


I wasn't much of a baker way back then but I remember thinking it was a little strange to forego the pleasure of a freshy baked loaf of bread :)

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hedera helix


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According the Canadian medical journal a signicant amount os alcohol can remain.