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Muesli bread :

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Muesli bread :

For those who asked me to translate, here it is.

Recipe :
250 grams white flour
250 grams whole wheat flour
150 grams water
20 grams yeast
8 grams salt
10 grams butter
200 grams muesli
130 grams water

Method :

Mix the flour and water and let it rest for about
30 minutes. After 10 minutes, soak the muesli
because otherwise it will make the dough to dry.
Add the rest of the water and yeast, mix.
Add the salt and butter.

Kneading is about 10 minutes. Cover it and
let it rest for 15 minutes.
Mix the muesli (after discarding the water)
in and let it rest 20 minutes.

Divide into pieces of 400 grams and shape round.
Let it rest for 15 minutes.
Make a long shape, roll it in wheat
and put it in a bake pan, cover with plastic.
Proof 60 minutes.
(I made this bread in a round shape..)

Bake :
220°C - 35 à 40 minuten.

I am sorry, this recipe is in the metric system.
I do not have the time to convert right now, but
I am sure you all have the tools to do this.

I am pretty sure I kinda made a bad translation,
if anyone has questions, please let me know.

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 I am glad you translated the recipe.

 I was interested in what you put in the loaf,,, ;-))))) thanks. qahtan 

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Danke,  merci, gracias, grazie for the translation.

I learned to eat Meusli when I was stationed in Paris.


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In Dutch (my native language) that would be :

"Dank u." :-D

No sweat! We are here to help and learn from each other!

Muesli is good! 


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I made this bread, I used the recipe as stated. Me being a rookie at making breads. I have been making flour recipes for years, now I am using yeast.

What I did different was used buttermilk instead of water, added 1 tsp baking soda, I did not have sweet buttermilk. I also used 9 grams of Instant dry yeast.

I figured 20 grams of yeast was real yeast cake. If correct a yeast cake weighs 17g, and dry yeast is 7g equal to one yeast cake. So I added 2g extra of dry yeast. Hogson Mill dry yeast seems pretty good for me.

I had to add some water to the dough, then I screwed up and had to add flour, forgot about adding the yeast. It was all screwed up. So I recovered, got the dough ready.

I don't have bread pans, split the dough into quartersand made them rectangle. Let them rise they just oozed out on the pan. Just likt the way old days!!LOL!!!

I tell you what that is some of the best bread I have ever broken!. High Nutrition, rich and wonderful! Can't wait to get some good bread pans.

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You have my vote as a gratitude for your wonderful recipe, Bart. Thank you! I have been buying similar muesli bread here, in Luxembourg, but did not like the commercial version: it was too light, too airy, and not the least, rather expensive. The price went up twice this year, so it was time to make it on my own. So, this evening I hit the Internet and found your recipe, voila; made 2 loaves, and it was soo easy! Dank u, Bart!

What I did was to add a bit of extra water, for the dough felt too packed, and I was afraid, the bread will come out dry. It worked well, and the bread is moist and just right. I will add some cocoa powder to it next time to make the color deep brown (this is the way the mesli brand is sold here, and I prefer the dark color to it.) Not a bad idea, ey? Let me try then this week-end.

If your ears will burn more often, then that's because I will be making your bread... twice a week at least. Bests, Marianna