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Bread made with starter. (grapes)

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September 3, 2007 - 3:11pm -- Bart

Hi, I am new here and would like to post this picture.

Today my starter was ready to use, I made it using grapes.

I got the info from a Julia Child video when she interviewed Nancy Silverton.

I also ordered the book on line, hope to get it asap.

Well, here's the pic, I think the bread came out nice. There is like this

wild sourdough yeast activity at the bottom, but that might have been from spraying

water to make some steam.

Hope it tastes good, will find out tomorrow moring.

Sourdough starer-grapes


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Submitted by Paddyscake on

Very nice loaf, let us know how your bread tasted. You say you went to school to be a baker, so I'm sure you could teach us a few things. Look forward to hearing more of your bread adventures.. 

Bart's picture
Submitted by Bart on

The bread had a light sour taste which is typical for sourdough.

I did like it a lot. Tasted very good. Better, more complex than the average loafs I made.

I will update my blog with a pic.

Well, since it has been more that 17 years since I went to school I don't know that many tricks.

I never worked in bread that much, more in pastry and chocolate. So I really am like you guys, checking out every technique I can find and try it with trial and error.

I should have made a different decision when I was younger. I love bread, I sometimes eat it without anything on it, just a slice of bread. Delicious! I assume you are knowing what I am talking about.

So sorry, I don't have any special things to teach.

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Submitted by Rosalie on

"So sorry, I don't have any special things to teach."

You'll be surprised how much you have to teach.