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Egg Wash (How to Store Unused Eggs)

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Egg Wash (How to Store Unused Eggs)

I know eggs are not that expensive and I just love using egg wash on my baked breads for its color, shine, crust, etc. But sometimes, I just happen to use very little and end up cooking scrambled eggs. I recently read in another website that you could freeze unused eggs after using it for egg wash. Someone also suggested putting these unused eggs on an ice cube tray. Would this be safe? What's the best container for storing frozen eggs? How do you properly thaw frozen eggs? And do you have to use them at once if thawed? And I'm also guessing you can't refreeze thawed eggs right? Sorry for all these questions... Any reply would be a big help. Thanks! =)

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There are probably different opinions on this but as a general rule I've always heard that freezing the whites (in ice cube trays if you like) is fine.  Yolks, however, have too much fat to actually freeze hard and will continue to deteriorate even in the freezer.

With anything, once thawed it's best to use what you have thawed.  It's not really a health factor, unless the temperature it's been left in is too high.  The real problem is that the re-crystalization tends to break down the cell walls and effects the quality.  That being said, you probably could re-freeze and re-use an egg wash.  I just wouldn't.