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Forgot Salt...Need Answer

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Forgot Salt...Need Answer

I am a baker at a small bakery/cafe. Everyday, I make a 100# batch of bageutte dough with a starter which is refrigerated until it is shaped and baked the next day. Well, today I forgot the salt. The dough was mixed and put away for a few minutes, when I realized my mistake. I put the dough back into the mixer, along with a # of water, a # of flour, and the missed salt. I felt the other ingredients might help it incorporate easier. Does anyone know if this works? Am I in for a nasty surprise tomorrow morning or will it be ok?
Thanks for any help in this matter.

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I think since you caught it fairly fast you should probably be okay.  The mixing it in with a little extra flour/water was a good idea--I've forgotten salt before and it's hard to knead it in evenly.


Good luck--let us know how it turned out!


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Curious if you are using a pate fermente for a starter or do you mix the final dough and refrigerate till morning?  Do you use a short or improved mix?

The gluten might have gotten a slightly larger workout with the extra mixing, but should think it would be fine if left overnight.. How did it turn out? Any difference in crumb holes or crust color?

 SD Baker

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I use a biga preferment and mix the final dough with ice water, to be refrigerated overnight and shaped in the yeast is added....only the yeast in the preferment leavens the dough. 
Well, the dough was not overactive this morning. I tasted the dough, and it seemed ok (it would help if I had tasted it before when I KNEW it was right!). I then baked the seemed to have greater oven spring than usual (perhaps due to the extra mixing time). I also tried the bread. The initial taste was HAD taste unlike bread without salt. But, I continued to test and clear my palate with water to the point where either the bread had no taste or my palate was shot! I am just praying that no one notices a difference today.:-)