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hedera helix


Greetings all.

Amazing what you can find on the web. I had some questions in mind about baking and wondered if there was such a thing as a Baking Forum - and what do you know, here it is.

Looking forward to getting stuck in, getting some help from more experienced bakers, and maybe one day being help to others as well.

I've been making my own bread for about 5 years, but with a limited repertoire, sticking to basic wholemeal loaves - not perfect, but good enough so that I can never go back to shop bought. I did a baking course a year or so ago, which made me try some new recipes, and inspired me to get a book of other recipes. Tried a few, but still stick with the basics on the whole - but the time has come to branch out and become more adventurous. So expect me to be pestering you for tips and advice!

(Based in Brighton, UK, by the way, where are the rest of you from?)

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Hello, English Ivy and welcome to The Fresh Loaf. You have found the very best place for help and advice - lots of knowledgeable people always ready to answer questions. I am an amateur baker but my bread has improved so much since I started checking in here every day. I am a fellow limey, originally from Olton near Birmingham, but now I live on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington. The top left hand corner. Be warned, TFL is addictive, A

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hedera helix

Good to hear from you.

Outed on the name already! To avoid confusion I should say that I am not called Ivy - I'm not even that gender, it's my daughter's name.

Anyway, hello again - let the baking begin!

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Oh, Brighton--where Lydia Bennett created such a stir. Welcome. I'm from New England, where you will find more British names on the map than you do in Olde England herself, I bet.

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 Hi, many times I have missed the last train home to Crawley, 'cos I stayed too long at the Regent Brighton dancing.Wow

 Lived in Angmering  On Sea before coming here.....


 Bread making is addictive you know...;-)))))

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Another Brit here - living about 30 miies from Brighton. You've found a great site here for all aspects of bread baking. An amazing fund of knowledge and advice. And if you fancy trying sourdough - the local yeasts seem to be very active!!
Have fun,

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hedera helix

I had a crack at some sourdough last year, and had some 'issues' with it. That was one of the things I came here for help on, and I have started looking through the Sourdough section - it seems I may have had leuconostoc, and not knowing any better, went ahead and baked and ate it. Actually it was OK, but now I realise that this was not right, I'll have another go. The only obstacle to overcome is my girlfriend, who banned me from ever making it again due to the stench that the leuconostoc caused - she is taking some convincing that it is worth the risk again!


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TFL is addicting! And if you don't mind my saying, if you don't have "issues" with your sourdough then it can't be sourdough! ;) :D

I am in Texas. Hotter than hades, Texas. The ninth wonder of the world :D hahaha...or so I've been told! ;)

Hope you will stick around, dig in and get flour on your cheeks and clothes like the reast of us yeast and wild yeast monkeys!