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Tommy gram


In the swing of the bread thing now.  

i Kick these babies out like clockwork.

It's really very simple, so simple that I tended to overthink it.

70% h2O

2% NaCl (salt)

to bring the flour to 100%, depending on what I have in the drawer:

30% semolina -I try never to run out of semolina love it 

40% All Purpose - AP makes a fine loaf if thats all that's around.

10% rye - this is kinda nice when it's available,

20% bread flour- this fluctuates. 

A 20% starter at 100% hydration kicks things off. 

King Arthur is the cream of the crop. I every now and then go for the Gold Medal 50# bag, but I always come back to the King.




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They look great, I love the bold bake and the rustic outside texture. However it seems they bursted of even after scoring, it might be that you are slightly on the short side with the proofing time. Also, I would try to score the loafs more parallel to the loaf. 

Would you mind sharing the making process? I'd love to try and make it myself. 

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Tommy gram

Thanks for the comment, Shai!

I see loafs scored every which way. I'm usually a don't cut the loaf don't score the loaf kind of bread baker. My manifesto is throw the lame away.

But I started to get frustrated cause the previous two bakes I got swelling but no bursting-to me that is the worst look. I like to see the crust ripped naturally, the look of a wave a surfer could recognize.

So I do a 1000 grams of the afore mentioned flour/water/salt mix, autolyse for 45 minutes or whatever time I have- sometimes only 20mins-add the salt in the dry flour. Then usually I cut the doughball in half, then get the motor running in one ball and put the rest in the fridge till needed.

So in summertime Its about a 4-6 hour thing and in winter it could last much longer unless I take warming measures.You might be right about underproofing, Sometimes I take the cold ball of the fridge, wake it up in the microwave for 40 seconds, then put it in the oven after an hour maybe. That loaf can be getting on the sour side depending on how long its been in the fridge.


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Nice work, Tommy gram!  I like the bold- crusted look of your loaves. Crust, tells half the story, we'd love to see a crumb shot :)


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Tommy gram

You are right, sir, however unfortunately my daughter and I could not figure out how to enter the picture this time!

But thanks for the BZ!

Ill keep trying to figure out the picture insertion.


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We like the bold bake too.  Bet these stayed crunchy!  Well done and Happy baking

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Tommy gram

Bold Bake! I like that, my friend said they were too toasty, now im going to lay "bold bake" on him.