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Underline function doesn't work in final display

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Underline function doesn't work in final display


The underline function in the easy editor displays an underline in the editing window and in the preview, but when the edited text is Submitted the underline does not appear.

As an example, all instances of the word underline were underlined in the easy editor in this post.





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Yep, automatic propagation of underlining from the editing window to final submitted text still doesn't work. What does work though is to explicitly add BBCode underline tags in the edit window like this:

Hand-enter in edit window: This is [ u ] the house that [ /u ] Jack built.

Final submitted result: This is the house that Jack built.

It's a bit of extra work for the user, but brings underlining back into the realm of the possible.

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This is good stuff. I've wanted to use this function in the past posts but didn't know where to begin to try and fix it. Thanks!