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Mixing and production log

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Mixing and production log

Hi there!

I am looking for a template for a professional mixing log, something with columns for temperatures and times. I could probably make one myself, but if anybody has one already, that would be amazing.


(Also if anybody has a bread formula template they really like, please make a recommendation.)


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hello Kitkatchef

I've been using BreadStorm softwear for the past several months, and already can't imagine baking without it. Creating good working formulas with multiple preferments, soakers with varying hydrations is stress free with this program.  The learning curve is short and painless and the finished work sheets are easy on the eyes. The catch is that it's  mac or iPad iOs compatible only. The formulas can also be shared online with interactive functionality, which allows changes between; yield to total flour, bakers%to weight.

here is an example Flaxy/Oat porridge bread


cheers daniel

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Thanks JoyOfGluten for this tip, it looks really neat! 

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Thanks for the response. That BreadStorm program seems really incredible, maybe someday they will have it for PC (changing computers/operating systems isn't an option at work). 

I really appreciate the suggestion!