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Printing Out Recipees

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Printing Out Recipees

Can someone tell me how to print out a recipee on this site without printing 25 pages? This sounds stupid< I know, but I can't seem to print them!


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I have done it where you can just highlight the piece of a webpage you want to print and when you click print, there's usually a set of options like

print All (which is usually selected by default)

print pages ___ to ___


print selection


if you have dragged your cursor over JUST the recipe to select it (click and drag the cursor from beginning to end of the part you want to print), it should only print that portion of the page. I have used this in numerous things on the web, and it should work for you here as well.

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copy and paste - move your cursor over the recipe you want to print like dstroy described then right click on your mouse and choose and you should see a drop down list - choose "copy" then you can bring up MS word or whatever word processing program you use and click "paste". I keep all my favorites from the Internet in various folders on my desktop ie: bread stuff, dinner recipes from the net, etc. etc.

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To follow up on Trishinomaha's and destry's comments above. I have found it is helpful to select the entire post with the recipe in it, including photos then copy and paste into my word processor. I "save as" under the name of the recipe and then I edit the file and eliminate everything that I don't need in the kitchen from the file such as the photos and background information so I'm not printing more than 2 pages of text. Then I do another "save as" and I add  "Print" to the file name so I know later which version is full with images and which is the trimmed down kitchen notes version. For example that looks like:
Vt Sourdough.doc and Vt Sourdough-Print.doc.

I have found that if I use the print select feature and print directly off the web page, inevitably I later wish I had saved the recipe to the hard disk in the first place.

Hope that helps.


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It would be a good idea to save the pic on your pc then insert in into your downloaded recipe because if it ever gets deleted from the web or is moved from its' copied location it will disappear from your saved recipe.