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Loading bread into the oven

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Loading bread into the oven

Hello Fresh loaf community!


I've read alot of posts but first time posting myself, I'm currently setting up a bakery and I have the majority of the gear I need however i'm struggling to get hold of one item.

A rectangle peel to load the proven dough into the oven. I have a 15 tray deck oven and would like to know if anyone knows where I can get one or even what everyone out there uses at the moment, e.g. plywood, plastic etc. (im looking for something about 18" width and between 45" and 60" depth to slide the loaves easily into my oven), 


Any advice would be appreciated,



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Where are you located? I know it sounds kind of simple but I like to Google "restaurant supply stores in (your area)".  You can find supply stores near you and usually see their inventory.  If you have a business (like you soon will) then you can usually buy equipment wholesale that's pretty cheap.

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Like Alshchmelz says, it depends were you are. I got my aluminum peel at either Amelgamated foods, Or Russell foods (Commercial suppliers) In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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They are top notch, I use a broken one at home and even split in half and with no handle its a glory