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Grain flaker info

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Marks Dough

Grain flaker info

Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I love baking and grind my own wheat for sourdough. I am wanting to start flaking my oat grouts vs. grinding in my Komo. My grinder does a great job but I would love to have rolled oats for cookies and breakfast cereal. I am thinking of buying a Komo flocino as this seems to allow for varying thicknesses. Does anyone have an opinion? Any input would be appreciated. 

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I haven’t used a Komo flocino, but I use a Schnitzer, which seems pretty similar.

For rolled oats, I first temper the groats with 11% water for about 6 hours.  That gives me wider flakes and less flour.  It’s also another dish to wash.  After rolling the oats, I clean the rollers with a small brush.  Then I sieve the flakes to remove coarse flour.

The steps I take add up to more work than simply simmering the whole groats, and the groats are arguably more pleasant to eat. 

For cookies, the fresh flakes are nice, but it’s hard to appreciate them with all the other ingredients.  Plus, it becomes tedious rolling the required quantity for the cookie recipe.

At this point, I mainly use the flaker for a change of pace.  I wish I’d spent the money elsewhere.  I wouldn’t mind selling it.