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Does anyone know what this kind of bread/roll is called....

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Does anyone know what this kind of bread/roll is called....

At breakfast on holiday in Europe I noticed some dark brown rolls. These looked like they would be heavy and dense, like a rye based loaf, but in fact were much lighter and chewier than I expected, tasting like wheat flour bread.

I'm afraid that's all the description I have, because I don't know what they were called I can't even google them.

So does anyone know what kind of roll these were? It was a while ago, but I think I had them in Sweden and maybe Germany as well...

Thanks for any input!

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Pretzel rolls maybe? those are popular in Germany.


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Hmmm, I am German but you know, we have so many dark brown and brown bread rolls, it is impossible to find out which they where with so little go go by:(

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The combination of a dark brown crumb and a fluffy interior usually indicates the use of Malt powder to color the wheat flour darker than it could ever be with 100% wholewheat flour. It gives a very nice flavour as well, and often makes a bread look a lot "healthier" than it actually is. here an example

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Or spelt rolls? They tend to be darker and a fluffy interior is common.

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Mini Oven

nearby to where you stayed.  More than likely they have an internet listing where they show pictures for orders.  See if you recognise your rolls.  

search the net for:  Bäckerei  (Town) (Country) 

then look at the individual Bakery sites.

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Thank you for all the replies. Thinking about it, I suspect the colour comes from an additive of some kind, since the rolls tasted like wheat but looked like rye. I may have a play with some malt extract...