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Eco friendly bread storage bags

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baking up a storm

Eco friendly bread storage bags

Looking for  Eco friendly (reusable)  bread storage bags.

Live high desert. Hot days cold nights.. No humidity. 

Bake bread using Stoneware oblong Covered baker. These are large loafs.

Any insights helpful.

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Have you considered purchasing a bread box? If that takes up too much space for you, you could try cloth bags or or even just a large piece of heavy, tight-weave cloth to wrap around it. I mostly just leave my bread on a cutting board, cut side down, but I live in a different climate.

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David Esq.
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cow biscuits

agree with recommendation for the bees wrap, have been using about about a year now and they have sheets large enough for big loaves and long ones for baguettes, allows the bread to breathe but not dry out and fully reusable

incidentally also great for storing cheese as well

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CVB (Clear View Bag Co., Inc.) is a manufacturer of FDA / USDA approved poly bread bags. These bags can be printed up to 8 colors and we can make just about any size in just about any quantity. All of our poly bags are recyclable unless non-FDA poly is requested. We are located in up-state NY (Albany) and have been making custom poly packaging for Bakeries (Nation Wide) for over 50 years. For more info, go to our website: or contact me at: 800-458-7153 (ext. 232) My email is: our office hours are: M-Thurs: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and Friday: 8:am - 4:pm

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We use this


The things we really like about them are the adjustable size and humidity control.. If it doesn't fit this, it goes in a linen cloth or paper bag. We also use hemp cloth for couches and storage, which I bought from

Hemp is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. 

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From Breadtopia 

Very spacious for holding a variety of baked goods. Easy to access bread.  Easy to clean.  Top of box provides a shelf on which to store small items.