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Do I refridgerate

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Do I refridgerate

Before stretch and fold or after?

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usually done after the gluten is developed (after S&F's) and some sort of bulk ferment on the counter.  You can then bulk retard or shape the dough, put it in a basket or tin and retard the dough shaped.  If I am doing a long autolyse of the dough flour and water only, say more than 4 hours hours, i would retard that in the fridge too.

Happy baking

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I'm just retarding the dough to fit around my schedule. So will do the stretch and folds then retard in the fridge for about 2 -3 hours then i'll bring it back to room temperature then bake.

My first time retarding the dough. Through necessity but also looking forward to different results in taste etc.

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a good idea to build the gluten before retarding, I never tried doing folds after an overnight retard if I put my dough straight in the fridge. I guess you could would be interesting what others hay to say

Say if im stuckfor time I do a 3 S & F every 10- 15 minutes   then put in firdge

If I want to bake the same day I prolong the folds every 45 min or so

Basically the fridge slows down everything so better to get the dough developed then let it do its thing slowly . Its important to not do too many folds as this may cause overproofing in fridge depening on yeast amounts and wholegrain


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I only ever bulk ferment in the fridge, the shaped loaf is proofing at room Temperature.

I must say, I do not really have the time for the very long bulk fermentations and retarding in the fridge since we are 6 and bread goes very fast.