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Levain open crumb

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Levain open crumb

i am trying to creat a simulair crumbstructure for a while but I can't get it right. what i know is. They use levain.and a little bit of yeast and  t65 flower. they Aldo use twi different pre ferments. The dough shaming is with a machine. So the dough cant be high in water percentage.. So who knows. The bread is from a artisanaal bakery in france. 

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To my knowledge Baguettes always have a high hydration at 80%.


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Do a search on this site for TxFarmer's 36 hour baguettes.  I have made her recipe and it is as good as it gets once you master it.

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txfarmer's baguettes, except for maybe David's San Joaquin baguettes which have some whole grains in them and maybe not as big of holes - but they taste great .  White flour ones for txfarmer are 75% hydration and are more difficult to handle but after 4 batches you should get the hang of them.  King Arthur Flour has their standard baguette recipe on their website at 67% hydration and are more easy to handle and also make some fine baguettes without the 36 hour time and look like your crumb photo..

Happy baking