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Bread bowl recipe- Chili, Stew, Soup, have one to share?

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Bread bowl recipe- Chili, Stew, Soup, have one to share?

I'm a big fan of this type of service in a bread bowl. What I'm looking for is a sturdy recipe that can hold up to all three applications, but versatile enough to incorporate wheat and rye flours along with regular bread or AP flour.


Any recipe suggestions would be helpful, along with advice on shaping and prep for this one. I just love the concept of an entirely edible entree.


Thanks for your thoughts!


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I didn't mean a chili, soup, or stew recipe, I meant a bread recipe that would serve as a bread bowl FOR these things.


Does no one have a suggestion for a bread recipe that'll hold up to this sort of application, and any advice as to shaping it? It isn't shaped like a bowl to bake, it's just round and the top is cut and some innards removed to accommodate the stew/soup/chili.

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Mini Oven

Bread bowls  and earlier topic.    :)   Mini Oven

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I have an ancient book called Bread Winners Too and there is a recipe for bread bowls made using a whole wheat hamburger bun recipe. They are shaped over inverted 10oz. custard cups. Brushed with egg wash and then the interior is also coated to make them leak proof. A.