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Hello from Kansas City Kansas

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Hello from Kansas City Kansas

I'm new to the site this is my first post I have been baking sour dough for years now I'm guessing 15 I mix ingredients by eye with no hard and fast measurements I use any flour I can find usually gold medal i knead by hand so I can feel the dough and have kept the same starter alive for all these years. I have always wanted to branch out and pick other peoples brains about honing my skill in sourdough in general. This place seems great !

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That's an active starter you have there!

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf.  Lot's of helpful people and information here.


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Postal Grunt

Don't you just love to see the look of amazement on peoples' faces when you tell them how long you've kept a starter? Welcome to the neighborhood. Don't be afraid to use the search button when you've got a question. Just have a cup of coffee at the ready because as Paul mentions, there's a lot of solid information available.


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That is a fine looking starter you have:)

My Gordon * yes I named my Starter *  is only 15 Month old but he is great and happy:)

Do you keep yours in the fridge or on the counter?

I tried the fridge but not to happy with it, so feeding mine every 24 hours in the Winter and every 12 hours in the Summer and keep him on the Counter.