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Mother Yeast Powder !

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Mother Yeast Powder !

Hi there! 

My name is Fatima and I'm new to this wonderful site ! I love making my own bread and recently I ordered "Organic Mother Yeast Powder" I never used " mother yeast powder " before and the packaging didn't have any instructions on how to use it for baking ! should I use it as regular yeast or not ?!!! Please Help ! Thank you very much.

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I'm guessing this "mother yeast powder" is just dried sourdough starter / dried levain, so treat it as such. Search these forums for "sourdough starter" or maintaining a starter. 

Was it something like this?

How much (in grams or ounces) did you buy? 

Try this: add 20g of your "organic mother yeast powder" to 40g water and 40g flour. Mix to combine. Put it in a clear tall container (like a glass jar), and mark the container every hour (to show how tall the dough is) for about 8 hours. When it doubles in volume, that is how long it will take to make your dough rise. 

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Hi there! Yes it was the one from Amazon you linked to ! and I have 4 packs of 500g each ?

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I would try contacting the mill directly to ask for directions:

Let us know what you find out. 

In the meanwhile, you can try the experiment that I sent you, to mix: 

20g of the lievito madre powder

40g all purpose flour

40g water

And see how fast it will rise. This is very little of your lievito madre powder to use for this experiment. 

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I will contact them for sure ! And meanwhile I will try the mixture you suggested ! Thank you very much for your help ! 

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to say you didn't need anything like 500g let alone 4 bags of that amount !

This is wild yeast that easily grows and multiplies itself when you add flour and water to it. It's an infinite progression. The more you feed it with flour and water the more volume of this "starter" you will have. If you started with just 10g of this powder, you could get to 500g very quickly indeed. Within 4 feedings in fact so potentially in 4 days time or less. e.g.

(P-Powder, F-Flour, W-Water, all in grams)

Feed 1: 10P + 10F + 10W = 30g
Feed 2: 30 + 30F + 30W = 90
Feed 3: 90 + 90F + 90W = 270
Feed 4: 270 + 270F + 270W = 810

My advice would be to use a tiny amount of the powder to create your own "mother" sourdough starter as above, keep the rest of the bag as backup, and return the other 3 bags or give them to friends.


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I'm curious what happened with this? Did you try rehydrating? What did the mill say? 

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I do know that people do use the dried stuff as is for the Sourdough baking, I know this from a Baker in Germany, he only uses the dried Sourdough as is.