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Soft Red Winter (Pastry) Wheat for sale

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Dautobi Acres

Soft Red Winter (Pastry) Wheat for sale

This is our first year of selling our wheat retail. Just harvested this month is soft red winter wheat.  It is being double cleaned now.  It is certified organic and is currently in 50 pound bags for about $60.00 plus shipping/delivery. We are breaking it into smaller size bags in the coming weeks.  If anyone is interested, please get in touch with us.    Thanks !

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Please email certified organic paperwork!!



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Dautobi Acres

Anyone interested in a quote on our certified organic products can get a copy of our organic certification.  I don't know how to email it to "Bischoff1"  through this forum and there is not personal info in your profile.  If you want to provide an email address and identify yourself, I can get you a copy.  Currently we have certified organic soft red winter wheat (cleaned), wheat for fodder systems (less expensive and not double cleaned) and some for planting (all certified organic),   hairy vetch/singletary pea mix and hay.   Coming soon is the milo and maybe some emmers wheat, not sure as we don't have much this year.  Please email us via   or call us at 214-356-2324  for smaller quantities of grains (less than a bulk semi-truckload).  Here is a copy/paste from the certificate which I have in a PDF document.  Adams Blackland Farm is located near Ladonia, Texas and has over 1,000 acres certified organic.  This is Northeast Texas about an hour and half northeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We can ship, but large quantities may not be cost effective if you can find it closer.  Dautobi Acres is trying to help us get started selling retail/wholesale certified organic grain.  All products mentioned in the post are CERTIFIED ORGANIC and will be sold with the appropriate documentation needed for your certified organic program or for certified organic retail sales. 

Nature’s International Certification Services has verified through
inspection and review that this operation has met the
National Organic Standards, and is Certified Organic under the
US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205.Categories of Organic Operation: Crops, Livestock
Total Organic Acres: 1,037.45  Certified Organic Crops/Products/Services:
Grass, Milo, Pasture, Pasture Seed Mix/pea, vetch, ryegrass, clover, Wheat
Producer Number TX0038-GL-09-0069   Adams Blackland Prairie


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but I think shipping cost could be costly to 19154

PS I saw your website and the cert. Thanks