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Breadman TR555 (TR555LC)

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Breadman TR555 (TR555LC)


I am in need of either a parts list or a schematic of an old Breadman TR555 bread machine.  I had small washer/seal/grommet part disintegrate and need to find a replacement.  The part goes around the drive shaft and appeared to sit underneath a hard rubber part on the inside base of the bread pan.  The problem is that it is gone and I have nothing to compare it to.

A call to the manufacturer wasn’t particularly helpful.  It also occurs to me that the same part is in a lot of bread machines from this manufacturer, like a TR555LC, which is still in production.

I would like to believe that this isn’t a bread machine-specific part but rather a “hardware store” part and should be easy to find if I knew what I was looking for (e.g., what material is it made out of?).

I have another bread machine (Betty Crocker, dead for another reason) and it appears to have a hard nylon(?) seal around the base of the shaft.

The Breadman still holds water so it isn’t leaking.  Maybe I should just keep on using it?


Thank you for any help.