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First Time Making Bread - Tartine Loaf Picture

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caneelradinsonblasucci's picture

First Time Making Bread - Tartine Loaf Picture

Had to share my success! Sorry for the crummy (no pun intended) pic but I had to grab something before the family landed like hawks on it.

Found Chad's recipe accessible and with a great wealth of info for a first time bread baker. Made two loaves Saturday and then tried a variation with a higher hydration dough (90%) on Sunday. Both batches were insanely good...

Ford's picture

Welcome.  You are well on your way to doing away with "store bought" bread!  Floyd Mann is our host.


David Esq.'s picture
David Esq.

Once you start looking for another variation, I can't recommend enough, his walnut loaf.  It is out of this world. You loaf looks fantastic.

ElPanadero's picture

for a first time !!! Very well done !

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But it was over 40 years ago so I don't  remember it very well - but i know it didn't look like yours inside or out.  Well Done and

Happy Baking

BetsyMePoocho's picture

I killed mucho little 'yeast-ies' try'n to get results like that!!  And this was first time out??

Ya dun guuud!!

DivingDancer's picture

Congratulations!  Very nicely done!

I can relate to the family descending like hawks.  You will discover that when bread is about to come out of the oven, friends and family look like seagulls circling a fishing boat.  Sourdough is known for staling very slowly, but I can't personally attest to that.  The bread never lasts long enough!

Great bake.  Keep up the good work!