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Lamb burgers

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Lamb burgers

Hi folks

Have been lurking for a while but couldn't find a solution for this one.

Am heading to a barbecue on Saturday and I usually do the burger buns (onion and poppy seed).  But there's a large Hindu group going so they've opted for lamb burgers and halloumi cheese (not together, I don't think).

Anyone got any storming recipes to go with lamb burgers or even the cheese?  Have already done some pitta for the cheese but really open to any better ideas.


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buns would be great for a lamb burger.  If ya wanna mix it up maybe some nigella seeds in place of the poppy would be a nice fit.  But probably less of them than poppy.  



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Victor Mello

Did you mean a recipe for the burgers? If so see below.

Thai Style Lamb Burgers
Quantity       Volume              Ingredient
500g                                        Ground Lamb
15 ml            1 tbsp                  Freshly chopped mint
15 ml            1 tbsp                  Freshly chopped coriander
5 ml              1 tsp                    Lime zest
10 ml            2 tsp                    Chopped lemon grass
1                                              Small Onion
2                                              Red Chillies (Birds Eye)
1                                              Clove of garlic chopped
15 ml           1 tbsp                   Lime juice
15 ml           1 tbsp                   Red Thai Curry Paste
15 ml           1 tbsp                   Thai Fish Sauce
1.875 ml      1 1/2 quarter tsp     Salt (Maldon Sea Salt)
1.25 ml        1/4 tsp                   Mixed Pepper (five coloured)

This recipe has been fine tuned many times.The amount of salt was arrived at by trial and error and takes account of the fact that the recipe contains Thai Fish Sauce. The recipe uses Maldon Sea Salt and if other salts are used they may be more salty.The heat of the burgers can be controlled by the number of chillies used and whether or not the chillies are chopped whole or deseeded (which removes some of the white placenta that contains the capsaicin). I just chop the chillies up whole.Rather than chopping things up I now use a food processor to blend things before adding the ingredients to the lamb.

Have a good BBQ!

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Victor Mello

I have re-read your post and I don't think you were looking for burger recipes :-)

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Doesn't matter... I'm totally making those burgers anyway!  Sounds gorgeous.

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with rosemary rolls would be a fine idea.

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I think the onion and poppy would still be good, but for something different, maybe try adding cumin and/or coriander seed.

Citrus zest might also be nice; orange might pair nicely with fotomat's sweet potato idea, but just some lemon or lime might be a nice touch.

Garlic might also be nice and could be incorporated in a number of ways, though it might be too assertive to blend in with the meal well.

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I made lamb burgers before with 75% Shoulder and 25% Leg. The shoulder gives you most of the required fat while the leg adds some tenderness and you can actually cook it to temperature (rare-medium-well done). Very good on the grill =)