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Hi, I'm Tom, I've recently got 'the bug' and it has coincided with a new job as a baker and pastry chef at a new italian restaurant in my village. Love this site, been coming for weeks, particularly this beauty:

and these

I'm also obsessed with trying to get the perfect french baguette. Any advice or links to good pages would be much appreciated.

I've got my Nancy silverton grape starter on the go but teh water seems to have separated, not sure why, any ideas?

Also I've just bought 10kg of T65. Anyone got any recommended recipes?

I've also been making a coppia ferrarese in work, basically a white bread dough recipe with some lard rolled into a funny shape. I've tried a starter with it but its well too dry, have a look at this link.

Any ideas?

Also if anyone has any italian recipes I'd be most grateful!



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If you are in search of a spectacular baguette, let me point you to txfarmer's piece de resistance:

Then again, just about everything she does is spectacular.  Read through her blog posts for more inspiration.

You've already found David Snyder's San Joaquin sourdough.  Keep on reading the rest of his blog posts, too.


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The separated water in your starter usually means that it needs more food. From what I've seen, the water will start pooling up in random spots, then as more water separates, it becomes a whole layer that gets darker with time.

The solution: Feed your starter =)

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Coppia Farrarese is a dry a dough @ 35% hydration. So dry in-fact that you need to take a different approach and treat it like pasta. To knead it you pass it through a roller 15-20 times.

recipe here (in Russian)