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G'day from the Antipodes

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G'day from the Antipodes

Hi All,

A first time post for me. I started a sourdough starter last year and I'm having fun baking for myself and friends. Reasonably happy with the results but always on the look-out for new ideas and improvements.  New Zealand winter is mild so far (sorry skiers) and down here in Christchurch we are still in the throes of rebuilding our city after the 'quakes 3 years ago.  Baking relaxes  and de-stresses me as well as having something good to eat at the end!  My main problem is getting nice, open crumb textures so I'll have a ferret around the site.

Cheers Paul (S2kbaker)

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G'day Paul.

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf. Baking certainly can be therapeutic although for me it's an obsession! Open crumb is a fairly easy aim. Mainly higher hydration and passive development of gluten are the key to those open crumbs.

When your ready please post pictures of your bakes and your method for further advice.

happy baking


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Thanks Michael - will do as you suggest. Cheers Paul