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Spelt Sourdough Fresh Out The, pardon my french, Breadmaker

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Spelt Sourdough Fresh Out The, pardon my french, Breadmaker

Good result today. Rose very well probably because my room is as hot as the Bahamas today.

The best I've done with my limited means. 


450g whole spelt

297mls water

45g active rye starter 

1 tablespoon honey

8g salt 



Add honey to boiled water, dissolve and allow to cool till warm.

Add Starter and stir. Then add flour with salt already mixed in.

Knead into loose dough, cover and leave for one hour. 

Fold at half hour intervals 3 x in total using Whole Rye flour to dust.

Leave to rise till doubled. Didn't take too long in this heat. A few hours but adjust accordingly. 

Score, dust and bake.





isand66's picture

Looks great.  How was the taste and the crumb?

AbeNW11's picture

Crumb was the best I've gotten so far from a breadmaker. Was tasty and chewy with larger airholes however still quite dense but it is to expected when not baking in proper oven. Did everything by hand and just did bulk proving in the breadpan then baked. I spent ages trying to find out what temperature my breadmaker goes to but couldn't find anything. The normal bake cycle is 1hr but can be adjusted. Most sourdoughs are placed into a pre-heated oven for 45minutes ish. So with a bit of guess work I baked it for 50min to make up for pre-heating (breadmakers cannot pre-heated and one mustn't heat it with nothing in). All-in-all a big success.