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how did I do?

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how did I do?

Question: What is the recipe you use for bread at the moment?


3lbs wholegrain wheat flour
4 tablspoons of salt
2 and a  half cups of warm water
3 quarters of a cup of oil
3 quarters of a cup of sugar
 2 oz yeast
Three tablespoons of sugar
Almost one cup of warm water

Mix all above ingredients together and mix and mix and mix and mix and let
then mix all ingredients well together and let rise.

My reply:

All I can say is odd recipe.

Problem is 3lbs of flour is an exact measurement but cups doesn't mean any old cup. That is an exact measurement too. When you get a recipe from an American book and they say cups it is standardised. If the whole recipe from the beginning to end is all cups then no problem. It will be all in proportion with any cup you use. But here you've got lbs, cups, oz etc. All over the place. Another thing to remember is the secret to great bread is hydration. The hydration you have here is 60% which is Ok for white flour but not good for wholegrain. You really need to increase the water. Too much salt will inhibit rising and oil should be just right too.

Here is what I would do if i wanted to use 3lbs of flour...

1360 grams flour : Same

897 mls water = 897 grams : instead of 840 mls

4 teaspoons dried yeast : instead of 20 (how many packets is that?)

5 tablespoons oil : instead of 9

13g of salt : instead of 68.25g

Sugar won't inhibit or make much difference. It's yeast food and according to taste.

Method :

Split flour into two equal parts. 680 grams each.

Mix salt in one half and put to one side.

In a bowl add rest of flour, yeast, sugar and all of water. Mix into paste. Cover and leave to rise for about 40min ish. Remember to use a big enough bowl. It will bubble and rise.

After about 40 min add the rest of flour with salt and oil. Knead into dough, shape (remember it will be higher hydration so different texture), and leave to rise.