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Dualit toaster deal

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Dualit toaster deal

Crate and Barrel is running a 15% off sale on the Dualit NewGen toasters. I bought one of these from them a few months ago at what I thought was a great price ($149) but today they are 15% less.

Had a Breville for many years that worked well, but newest Chinese made models don't seem up to snuff. So far very happy with this Dualit (built in England) and expect to last a long time, plus parts are repairable/replaceable.



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called "Amazon Warehouse Deals" where they offer open box, damaged box and returned items with a full warranty. Sometimes it's a good deal, sometimes not. So check the discount price against their regular price.  I bought two Dualit Classic toasters (a 2-slicer and a 4-slicer) for about $125 each a couple of years ago. Keep checking their website as they add new things daily.

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