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bagel flats or flagels

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bagel flats or flagels

anybody out there have any suggestions to making bagel flats or flagels as they are called in some places. I have searched all over and questioned bagel bakers in the metro NY/NJ area but its a big secret. 

the ones we have had are probably the same amount of dough as a regular bagel but flattened to give more crust and chew. they are lumpy, not smooth and are wonderful for sandwiches as the filling does not squeeze out like a regular bagel.  one place makes them so big they look to be about 10" across. Most likely put thru a sheeter. 

I have tried flattening before or after boiling. see photo. the one on the bottom left is my attempt at the flat. I live in a very rural area and they don't know "nuthin" about bagels here.  


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Yours look pretty good to me, just like the ones I have bought at the bagel store here on Long Island, NY.

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like a focaccia you will get the' lumpy look' - but you didnit hear it from me:-)  Flagels are a well guarded secret. Now you have to decide to dimple them before after boiling - or both.... and then seed?

Happy Flageling

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Well if I learn the secret, I will let you all know. Why not? let others enjoy them too.

And yes that is what I did with the one on the bottom left. I dimpled it before boiling and it did rise up, poof and stayed lumpy, uneven and basically flat. Then I seeded as it was wet.

But its missing something. 

In another one, another flat try- not in the photo, I boiled first and tried to dimple but it had already set, so I took a sheet pan and flattened it. But that one came out evenly smooth on top- commercial looking like it came out of a machine. Not my goal. 

My other bagels- the rest in the photo came out fine, tasted fine and were chewy good after they cooled.

A neighbor came by and insisited eating one warm out of the oven and I told them it was not good until it cooled. What is it with people and hot bread? They said they were good but "too bready" Well, what do you expect? 

thanks for the advice. 

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What exactly are you looking for, and why didn't you regard your try as a complete success? You said something is missing. Can you describe what it is that you're missing? Is it the taste? texture? both?

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I think they turned out well, the taste was good but the texture was not quite what it should be. It had a nice chew to it but the ones I have had are more bubbly. So that is why I think the flattening before boiling is the way to go.   And that means with finger tips, not a rolling in, so its uneven.  Or maybe its just that I am trying to knock off something I have had and its not available to me where I live. 

Someone wrote to me about a flat round bread- maybe a grain bread?  in Peter Reinharts "Local Breads" but I do not have my copy available to me where I am now. Anyone know about it or have you tried it? What method does he use to make it?





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oops sorry its Dan Leaders book. I apologize. 

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The last time I made bagels, I proofed them too long and they went flat while I was boiling them. So you could try that haha.