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"Baking For Special Needs"???

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"Baking For Special Needs"???

I have to say that I find this forum title wildly inappropriate! "Baking for special needs"?! Why not go all the way and call it "cookies for mongs"?! My brother Billy suffers from Downs Syndrome, and I can assure you that he enjoys NORMAL bread just like a normal person would. I disagree that just because he is terribly disabled he should be singled out as a special case and forced to eat differently to everyone else. He is still a human being with needs and dreams, and enjoys a good loaf of bread like we all do! Please can we stop the prejudice here, so that one day Billy may live in a world where normals and disabled people can share bread together!? Think about it...

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I am not 100% certain whether you are a troll, but you sure as heck sound like one.

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I had not noticed the topic before, but easily found it and noticed the title is accompanied by a line describing its contents. It seems reasonable to include a category where recipes, techniques and ideas can be shared between those who seek to prepare healthful food for those who have special health or dietary needs.

I, too, have a sibling with lifelong disability, and believe me when I say I never refrained from challenging others who used disrespectful terms or language. But the term Special Needs does not single out any class, group or individual. I find that it respects the privacy each person deserves, in that it does not label his or her particular affliction.

So, are you a baker and did you stay long enough to find items of interest and usefulness to you? Who knows, maybe the bread you'll bake will become your brother's new favorite!



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My son has special needs AND is on a special diet. My father is diabetic. It's a worthwhile forum, tastefully done. 

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My son has to follow a "Special Carbohydrate Diet".  He cannot eat regular products that have wheat, sugar, dairy, or acid (tomato, orange, grape fruit, etc...).  This is just a basic list, as the list gets much larger. It is much like Ciliac Desease, but with a nasty twist added.  These restriction are very important.  If he eats something he shouldn't, then within 10 minutes, he will be having crippling cramps accompanied by being sick for hours.  He just turned 13 and is real good ate watching what he eats.

With this disease, he falls into 'special needs', and a thread such as this one is very welcome.  I for one, when I read the title of this thread, did not even think of any other special needs type people than those who must have a special diet that must be followed.  

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