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Bosch Mixer Owners: Did this happen to you?

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Bosch Mixer Owners: Did this happen to you?


I just purchased a new Bosch Universal Mixer but when I received the package, the seal on the mixer's box was broken, there was no packaging foam to protect the machine during shipping (the machine was just sitting on the bottom of the box), except for the bowl lid, none of the parts (blender, dough hook, whisks) were wrapped in plastic or had any protective packaging. I was stunned to see MANY deep scratches all over the machine, the bowl, and the bowl lid. The bowl has two worn down areas where it repeatedly rubbed against the box during shipping (since there was no protective packaging). When I first took out the machine, I thought it might have been used. But now I am thinking all the scratches must also be due to the accessories and parts repeatedly rubbing and scratching against the machine during shipping.

Is the Bosch Universal Mixer supposed to be packaged this way? Did yours arrive without any foam packaging or wrapped parts? Did yours have scratches all over it?

Thanks very much for any info!

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Mini Oven

Under normal circumstances, it would have been better to examine the box when it was delivered. Any sign of damage or opening should have been reported immediately and the delivery person should have opened the box to inspect it in front of you and a damage report made. That does not sound like it was properly packaged. You might have luck if the delivery person can remember it. Go straight to customer service for Bosch with your problem and ask them what you should do. It might not hurt to add it was not the German quality you had expected, a beat up machine to be proud of.  Maybe you're not the only one with this problem, they would know. Could be the packaging was removed during customs inspection and not replaced. I would still claim. There could be damages you cannot see.  Hang on to all the papers and box. --Mini Oven

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Dixie Shaw


I ship Bosch mixers and they come very well packaged from the factory.  Everything is

secure in the box with cardboard on the top to be sure the bowl is secure.  It sometimes will rub on the side but it is not bad and usually not very noticable.

You need to contact the person you purchased from and I would return the mixer or have them pick it up if it is as damaged as you described.

Dixie Shaw 

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Here's the update:

I contacted the retailer who I purchased the Bosch mixer from.  According to the retailer, their company routinely breaks the seal on the mixer's box to insert an informational CD and recipes.  They also said that the only protective packaging Bosch has for the mixer is the cardboard that holds the bowl lid.  The mixer base, blender, whisks, and dough hook do not have any wrapping or protective foam.  They said they receive the products in good condition because it is delivered to them upright on a pallet but customers may receive the mixer with "a few scuffs" as parts may rattle around due to FedEx's handling of individually shipped mixers.  The retailer was very understanding and accomodating and have shipped a replacement with individual parts personally prepared with protective wrapping.  

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Great, it sounds like you did what you should.  Allways check with your retailer that you purchased the item from.  Unfortunately the shipping company is normally to blame.  I have been shipping Bosch Mixers for a number of years and have had almost no problems of this type.  Bosch has done a great job of packing these mixers.  We too sometimes open a box to insert some information or extras a customer has asked for so I don't consider this a problem.  Sounds like you had a rare case, but that you were dealing with a reputable company.

 Kent Teichert

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