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Using Beer or wine yeast in bread?

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Using Beer or wine yeast in bread?

Hi there, I am new both to this community and to bread baking. I just baked my first loaf two days ago(which came out beautifully), and am currently pre-fermenting my second. I have dabbled in some home brewing in the past, and was wondering if anyone has used different beer or wine yeasts, available at home brew supplys, for bread making purposes. As a fllow up question, assuming someone will say yes, what kind of flavor variance where you able to achieve by using these yeasts?

 I would throw up some pictures of the first loaf, but we ate it before I got a chance.

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looks like I will be doing some experiments!


There is a place here in town that supplys home brewers. I am going to go down and buy a couple different yeasts and mix a big batch of a common dough, splt into a couple different loaf size quantities and see what happens.


Questions, comments, concerns?


Oh, this is where I will be getting the yeasts:

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Mini Oven

Sounds like a fun experiment. I threw some bread starter into cherry juice and it foamed like crazy. If you don't get a rise from these yeasts, (I notice they claim to be low foaming) try doubling amount also as part of the experiment. Just a thought.

Hope you don't mind me suggesting it, sir, but would it be easier to mix the yeast into water first and then make a dough? If you have a good scales, dabbling might be easier. Divide liquids into fourths, add yeast into each little bowl. Mix well all dry ingredients and then divide into fourths and then add to each bowl of dissolved yeast. If you oil the bowls before you get started, will save some clean up steps and sir could fold the dough in each bowl easier thus eliminating kneading. Just an idea. Oh, may I extend a warm and hardy welcome to the fresh loaf, sir?  Welcome  :) Mini Oven (I hope you don't mind the "sir," it's instinctive.)

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It will be interesting to hear what flavor differences develop from the different yeasts.  Sounds like a fun experiment!

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I have brewed beer (a lot years ago, slowed down now though) and am still baking bread.  I tried using wine yeast for bread baking and found the results just okay but not as good as my sourdough starter or standard yeast.  I did have to almost double the amount to get any results and the bread just lacked something--it was lackluster in flavor somehow.  I used a french bread recipe with bread flour and steam while baking.  It certainly was edible but just not my favorite.  Go ahead and try it on your own; you may have more luck or a better recipe than I was using.   

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Horses for courses really yeasts have been selected for their performance in certain environments. Bread yeast produces lots of gas and small ammounts of alcohol whereas yeast used in wine and beer making are better at producing alcohol rather than gas.

regards yozzause