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Begginers Recipes for Milling

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Begginers Recipes for Milling

Hello Everyone

 My girlfriend and I are thinking about trying to bake bread and other things using flour that we have made ourselves. Does anyone know of a recipe book conataining recipes for home milled flour that would be appropriate for begginers like us?

Thanks alot


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You absolutely must get a copy of The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book.


This is an indispensable companion to my grain mill. Teaches you how to really make bread, and 100% wholewheat bread at that.

I cannot recommend it highly enough! 

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I'll order the book straight away:)


Thank you very much

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I would agree that 'The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book' is a must to have in the library for whole grain bakers.


My only other comment might be do not be afraid to have fairly high water content particularly if you are going to use the stretch and fold techniques of dough preparation.

We mill our own flour each day from Rye, spelt and Wheat.




Martin Prior