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re the bagel recipe

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re the bagel recipe

Hi, gee, I've made hundreds of bagels with immense success and I have never read or heard about putting baking soda in the water. I've always used sugar and most recipes I've read say to use sugar in the water. That's what gives bagels their wonderful glaze.


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Most professionals will in order of choice use some type of malt product in the water, usually a liquid diastatic type.

A few years ago author Bo Friberg "Professional Pastry Chef" recommended using baking soda, as both a replacement for the sugar product, or as a replacemnet for the Lye dip when making pretzels.

I have tried the soda. It does work, but not as well as the sugars for the bagels. It works great with the pretzels.

Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE
Mesa, Arizona