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San Francisco Bakers.....

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San Francisco Bakers.....

Hey All;

I will be attending SFBI's Consecutive Bread and Viennoiserie series July 21- Sept 26th 2014 in South San Francisco and am looking for affordable shared accommodation for the duration.  

I'll be traveling from Portland (OR) on my motorbike with little in the way of stuff arriving ~ July 20th. I'm extremely clean/tidy/low impact and will attend class 7am-4pm (M-F), spending as much time outdoors as possible when not at school.  I'm a very easy-going 41 yr old guy looking to change professions from that of a Physical Therapist to Baker. I'll return to Portland on the occasional weekend to visit my wife and dogs and would love if there were a small space to park my bike.

Any leads/consideration would be most welcome as it's a tight market and Craigslist with its fair share of scams when committing from a distance.

Cheers.  Paul

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Paul, it's a little late, but I just saw your post. Have you tried  There are a number of communities near the SFBI, South San Francisco, Daly City, as well as SF proper.  Hope you've found a place and good luck with your career plans.