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50/50 Sourdough and a Conversion Question

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50/50 Sourdough and a Conversion Question

Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself with a loaf I baked a couple weeks back.  It's naturally leavened 50% whole wheat bread flour and 50% all-purpose.  Learned most of what I know from Tartine No. 3.

My question: Does anyone have tips for converting recipes for bread products (bagels, pizza dough, steamed buns) from yeasted to naturally-leavened?  I haven't really found a great answer for this yet.



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Ell Perry

Kind of new around here so if this is a no no, sorry. Here is link for a conversion method to do that.....

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Here's some writing on that that I think addresses the idea well:

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I think that post may be the best around on the topic.  Also, nice name.