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Slovakian bread

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piper m

Slovakian bread

Does anyone make pugach , or pagach? I am interested in the potato, cheese filled type. I was a kid when my grandmother used to make it. Never had the recipe. 

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Postal Grunt

Just doing a quick search turned up quite a few results. You should also consider searching websites or blogsites that specialize in Eastern European foods.

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My grandma did too and was really delicious 

but don't have any recipe - SORRY!!!


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I come from Slovakia where this kind of pastry is still really popular and shops offer it everywhere around - in small bakeries and also in a big supermarkets. But the quality of this product in the markets is really bad nowadays (it is the same as with breads, rolls, croissants, etc.). Traditionally, pagáče, are made with pork scratching, lard, cheeses or curds and the dough usually cointains white flour, salt, milk, yeast and eggs, sometimes potatoes, yoghurt, sour cream, oil and some spices. It depends on the region and its tradition. It is really easy to make and so tasty. Here is the sample video recipe where you can look on folding method:
And there is the translated recipe from the video:


300g potatoes
700g white flour
250g butter
3 tsp sugar
3 egg yolks
40g fresh yeast

50g butter
150g hard cheese
1 egg
cumin or caraway

Some more:

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everyday recipes:-)

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piper m

Thanks so much :) I have found caraway here in my new country, and it started me thinking about pagace.I will try the recipe today. Very kind of you, thanks again:) oh, and your rye bread looks great too!