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Traveling with my sourdough

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Traveling with my sourdough

I'm about to travel to Toscany and wondering if carrying my 4 yrs old sourdough with me and feed it there would "collect" good wild yeasts that will improve my bread's taste. 

What do you think? 
Did anyone travel with his sourdough for the same purpose?

Did it help ? 


aroma's picture

when it returned home it would revert surely.


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You may experience a temporary change in flavor, but it will inevitably revert to the qualities of your old starter.  The good news is that you won't have to nurse your sourdough on vacation, but the unfortunate news is that you can't preserve the "terroir" of a sourdough starter if you move to a different location.

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To "capture" a culture from italy, it would be easier to buy some flour when you are there.

Then you can create a new starter back at home with the microorganisms from italy... and still enjoy your vacation.

The microorganisms are in the flour; not so much in the air. Once you have an established starter, those microorganisms will stay. (... until maybe some from local flours take over - but they are much weaker compared to the ones in an established starter.)