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For Sale-- Magic Mill Assistent Mixer (DLX Electrolux) 7.4 Qt Matte White

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For Sale-- Magic Mill Assistent Mixer (DLX Electrolux) 7.4 Qt Matte White

Magic Mill Assistent Mixer (DLX Electrolux) 7.4 Qt Matte White 

$650 + shipping

Machine is located in San Diego, CA

Like New. This was purchased new in early 2012. I have not used it as much as I thought I would so I am downsizing. I do not have the original box.

1 Stainless Steel Bowl - 7.4 Qt
1 Plastic Bowl - 6 Qt
1 Pair of Cookie Whisks
1 Pair of Beater Whisks
2 Electrolux Rollers
1 Dough Hook
1 Hand Spatula
1 Scraper
1 Bowl Cover

Missing the Drive Shaft for the whisks (Can be ordered for $12.00)

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Bob Marley

You can also try selling your item on amazon.   Go to amazon and do a search on your mixer.  When the page displays, over to the far right hand side is a button:    Have one to sell.....Sell on Amazon   Press the button and it'll step you thru the process to advertise your item there.  I've sold a lot of items at amazon.  HTH

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I thought the drive shaft is actually the long white plastic part that connects the beaters to the center drive on the motor base. You have it pictured in your post. Looking at Pleasant Hill grains listing it appears they only sell the beater/whisk as one part for 45 dollars, which the cookie whisks snap into once you remove the regular whisks. But maybe you've already confirmed the info with their CS and I'm wrong? Checking my owners manual they call it the double beater. 

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Looks like you are correct!  I am willing to reduce the price to $600 to accommodate the purchase of the new beater/whisk.